Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bridal Veil Falls Ice Conditions (TELLURIDE AREA ICE CONDITIONS)

Special thanks to the Telluride Mountain Club (TMC) for helping to make Bridal Veil Falls legal to climb. And to Steve Johnson for dedicating long hours of legal work to the cause! Cheers

1-6-10: The 2009-10 winter season is here. Things have been forming well. Photos taken 1/6/10.
(click on image to make larger, or drag to desktop to zoom in) Photo: BV Falls 1-6-10

Bridal Veil Falls • in for sure, thin at the top (see photo).
Ingram Falls • the main pillar has not formed, BUT the climbers left is in and a fun WI4, 200'.
The Fang is not in yet.
Ames Ice Hose is in but thin on the first pitch, mixed on the second pitch (feet on rock, tools in narrow ice), and "fatter" on top.
Ames Falls is in all the way--phat!

Silver Pick Pillar (I have not had a chance to get down valley to have a look yet).
Royer Gulch mostly in--thin to mixed at the top-outs.
The Bone Area not in
Crack Canyon Ice Pillar not in
Bear Creek in and phat!

more photos on the way...