Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bridal Veil Falls Topo


  1. Rappelling down Bridal Veil Falls is a serious undertaking. Iced up ropes can be an issue when rappelling. Take care to use a back up of some kind when rappelling. The top two rappels are short for a reason: To prevent a large pendulum. As you descend you need to also traverse to the rappeller’s right to access the lower anchor. As you make you way down the next rappel use the bolt in the face as a directional – to protect yourself from a large pendulum to the left. Moreover, the 60m rappel in the middle of the descent is a totally free hanging rappel that brings the rappeller down to an ice cave about 80’ from the bottom of the climb. And remember when you are finally on the ground that ice is constantly coming off the route. Do not linger at the base.

  2. Another good point made at a local meeting in Telluride was that you should use a single rope to make the first two shorter rappels - this will help prevent your ropes from getting to icy and or stuck lower down and impossible to recover. Be safe out there!